BS Economics

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Starts: 30 October, 2017
Duration : 04 Years
Instructors: BS Economics
Phone : +92 346 7091679
Fax: (061) 92102926
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This means that you’ll graduate prepared for careers in the private, public and academic sectors. Earn either a bachelor of science (B.S.) or a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree in economics depending on your strengths in mathematics and quantitative skills (B.S.) or foreign language (B.A.).

BS Economics program has been designed for students who, after completing high school, are looking for some knowledge based, career oriented, and market-driven educational program which would lead them to lucrative careers. The program allows students to pursue advanced study in their individual areas of interest like economics and finance. The extensive quantitative part of the program intends to develop strong quantitative, analytical, and research skills.

The degree provides professional training in modern economics that includes tools and techniques of economic analysis and also relates theory to real world practices. Through this programme, we create a research-led environment where students work alongside leading researchers to develop the skills required to become professional economists or conduct further research as MS amp;amp; PhD students and become analysts on alternative career paths​.

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