BS Education

For Admission

Starts: 30 October, 2017
Duration : 04 Years
Instructors: BS Education
Phone : +92 331 7072019
Fax: (061) 92102926
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This is a broad based composite program of preparing teachers of early childhood education, primary/elementary education, secondary education and literacy and adult education. After successfully completing the program, the degree holder will be eligible for employment as qualified teacher at any of the above mentioned level.

The Department of Education at GEC Multan offers a comprehensive four-year BS (Education) degree. To earn this degree, students are required to successfully complete minimum 138 credit hours, which include 46 courses: 9 compulsory, 9 electives, 9 foundation courses, 14 major courses and 5 elective courses.  The courses such as reflective practices, critical thinking and global studies in education are also the part of curriculum, which provide global exposure to the students.

Education is an important discipline in social sciences.Therefore,graduated students of Education department have ample opportunities in the competitive job market.Educational Management and Administration,Career Counseling,Schools,Colleges,Teacher training institutes ,Human Resources Development centres,Professional institutes ,Dept of Health education,Research industry and NGO based organisations are the possible fields for the graduated of Education.

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