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International Relations
Starts: 30 October, 2017
Duration : 04 Years
Instructors: BS International Relations
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The Bachelor of Arts is a degree that is earned by students who have completed undergraduate study in a specific field of the liberal arts. .

International relations, also known as international studies, involves multiple academic disciplines that prepare the student for a wide variety of opportunities in a number of different fields. The degree program will typically allow the student to explore and develop an understanding of existing international relationships and the way those relationships are cultivated. This field of study is interdisciplinary, including courses focusing on academic and public policy, economics, international law, cultural studies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and roles of states.

There are many careers that can be pursued upon graduating with this degree. Professionals with a Bachelor Arts in International Relations often find themselves dealing with human rights, globalization, economic development, nuclear proliferation, and organized crime.
Student must passed Intermediate with at least 2nd div.


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