Exams/Test Schedule for the Public Colleges in Punjab

As per directions of Worthy Special Secretary please circulate the following Exams/Test
schedule for next 2 months to the Public sector colleges under your jurisdiction;

1. First Fifty (50%) includes Revision of full syllabus of first/ 3rd year classes w.e.f
from 19th to 28. February, 2018
2. Revision classes up to 3. week of March including one week each of practical
classes of Physics/Chemistry/Biology a. Computer Science.
3. Second Fifty (50%) tests will cover full syllabus of 2″d/40 year classes w.e.f 19.
March to 28. March, 2018.
4. FRevision Classes
5. Final Exams will cover whole subjects (first 50% + second 50%) w.e.f e__’April
to 25. April; 2018.
• DE(C) concern is responsible to issue this timetable in writing as well as
intimated to all Principals/ DDCs under their jurisdiction during District Vis(ts.
• The result of all three pre-board exams (first 50%-i-second 50./o+fina) exams) be
intimated to parents and students in written during PTMs.


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