Welcome to Govt. Emerson College Multan, Pakistan.

GEC Multan is a symbol of inspiration. Beyond any doubt, it is a matter of prestige and pride to be an Emersonian as Govt. Emerson College is a galaxy of history making personalities. Ever since its inception, it has set the tradition of keeping pace with time. Life at GECM is quite colorful and vibrant as a result of the unique academic and co-curricular activities. Read more..

Principal’s Message:

It is a matter of honour and pride to serve Government Emerson College, Multan as the head of the institution because this the oldest and biggest educational institution of South Punjab. This institution is a trustee to the political, social, and academic tradition of the history of this area. It has rendered educational and academic services to the national and international arena by providing graduates in almost all the disciplines of the world. So, joining this institution as learner or as teacher means you have a world of educational glory and beauty to play an even significant role within and without Pakistan. Read more..