BS Chemistry

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Starts: 30 October, 2017
Duration : 04 Years
Instructors: BS Chemistry
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The Chemistry programme at GEC Multan emphasises the commercial and industrial applications of chemistry and actively promotes and participates in developing industry – academia research projects.

Chemistry is well known as a ‘central science’ because of its unique role in connecting the physical and biological sciences and thus lies at the heart of most technological developments, contributing enormously to the world’s economy. As such, it can be hard to define the boundaries of modern Chemistry as it is no longer simply focused on atoms, ionic compounds and small molecules. Interdisciplinary fields such as materials science, nanotechnology, environmental science and, of course, biology are firmly rooted in Chemistry. It plays a vital role in the development of materials with superior properties. They range from consumer and industrial products such as pesticides for agriculture, novel drugs to fight diseases to nanomaterials possessing unique chemical and physical properties.

The Chemistry programme at GEC Multan is designed to give students a grasp of the basic principles of Chemistry through a course of study that emphasises fundamental concepts of chemistry, modern synthetic and analytical techniques, and materials science with special reference to nanomaterials and their applications. This theoretical background is further augmented through a carefully designed course of laboratory experiments in chemical procedures and techniques that cover basic concepts and experimental techniques that serve as a stepping stone to research in Chemistry. Students are encouraged to participate in research projects under the supervision of faculty experienced in the synthesis and characterisation of organic and inorganic materials, multifunctional metal oxides with interesting electronic and magnetic properties, size and shape-controlled nanomaterials with controlled surface chemistry, functional polymers, thermally stable flexible and hard coatings, nanocomposites and novel catalysts. These materials have potential applications in a variety of fields including biotechnology, chemicals/materials industry, fuel/solar cells development, electronics, photonics, drug delivery, nanomedicine and environmental remediation etc.
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