M.Sc Mathematics

For Admission

Starts: 24 November, 2018
Duration : 02 Years
Instructors: M.Sc Mathematics
Phone : +92 061 9210038
Fax: (061) 92102926
Email : Mathematics@gecmultan.edu.pk
An MSc in Mathematics gives students who want to work in science, engineering, or computing a solid core education. Most degree programs also require a research component, so students can get a feel for how to use their new skills in the real world.

MSc in Mathematics lies in understanding how different types of math are categorized. Instead of focusing on a particular type of math such as algebra or calculus, a postgraduate degree in general mathematics allows students to concentrate on number theory and advanced mathematical methods that tie together all the different forms of mathematics they have likely already learned. This degree tends to have a heavy focus on analysis and theory rather than practical uses of math, but most schools also require several application courses for completion.

The cost of a Masters in Mathematics depends on what institution you choose to study at. Most degree programs take one to two years to complete, so the cost of tuition should be assessed accordingly.
A candidate who has passed B.Sc. Examination with at least 45% marks in the theory papers at the external examinations will be held eligible for admission to the Master’s degree Course in respective subjects offered by him or her at the Bachelor’s Degree.


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