M.Sc Zoology

For Admission

M.Sc Zoology
Starts: 24 November, 2018
Duration : 02 Years
Instructors: Dr. Shahid Iqbal
Phone : +92 300 6365388
Fax: (061) 92102926
Email : zoology@gecmultan.edu.pk
M.Sc. Zoology is designed to meet the challenges presented by the rapidly changing world. Zoology is an interdisciplinary field that involves the scientific learning of all facets of animal life ranging from microscopic single-celled organisms to complex multicellular organisms.

Zoology plays an important part in food security, human resource development, environmental conservation, sustainable development and eventually in mitigation of poverty. The aim of the M.Sc. Program is to prepare the students to conduct experiments and projects using scientific methods and instrumentation, and to solve problems in the domain of Zoology so that they may play vital role for the betterment of the country.

This program is designed to train students for the following professions: a) Teaching in universities, colleges and higher secondary schools. b) Researchers at numerous public/ private sector research organizations such as PARC, Life sciences based institutes of the Pakistan and Atomic Energy Commission, etc. c) Researchers-cum-administrators in public/private sector such as Provincial Fisheries Departments, Health Departments, Livestock Departments and the Pest Control industry, etc
A candidate who has passed B.Sc. Examination with at least 45% marks in the theory papers at the external examinations will be held eligible for admission to the Master’s degree Course in respective subjects offered by him or her at the Bachelor’s Degree.